By providing services in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), we provide drones, pilots and sensing technology that allow usto deliver tailored and complete solutions to our clients in any environment.

Our strong team of skilled pilots, experienced data analysts andinnovative technology experts can support you in meeting the most challenging of needs.

The great benefits of today’s interconnected world go hand-in-hand with the threats and vulnerabilities of storing, sharing and accessing our data such as abuse by criminal elements, theft, fraud, blackmail or other illegal activities.

Services provided include:



The great benefits of today’s interconnected world come hand-in-hand with the threats and vulnerabilities of storing, sharing and accessing our data for criminal elements, theft, fraud, blackmail or other illegal activities. ICESERVE24™ focuses on the bottom line and foundations of your cyber environment network: How impenetrable are your systems to human or software attacks? How can you make improvements and raise the security level to your technologies?

Services offered:


A check of security of system, applications, networks against potential attacks from external (internet) or internal environment.


      • BLACK BOX TEST – From the point-of-view of an anonymous attacker without direct access to target network.
      • WHITE BOX TEST – From the point-of-view of a user who has access to the system (employee, supplier, partner misusing the access to company data above the scope of their area)
      • GRAY BOX TEST – A combination of White Box and Black Box

Using the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodology of testing guide, Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and others, the following can be audited to find bottlenecks and potential improvements relating to cyber security:

      • Web applications, mobile applications, security layers, security items, multifactor authentications
      • External or internal network infrastructure (or their selected parts)
      • Operational Systems, non-standard systems & applications

Many of today’s hacks, frauds and leaks are caused by (often unintentional) misbehaviour of your network users and employees. Knowing how to protect your data, connection, communication, the simple and common DO’s and DONT’s are the subjects of Cyber Secured Behaviour Training that makes sure the most volatile component of your network – the human factor – doesn’t negate the implemented technological security measures of your operations.

Early Warning – observation of an early occurrence of targeted attack on specific organisations (configurations of malware programs are followed, and it is investigated if our clients are not targeted) – in case of an attack, the client receives an extensive report from our analysts

Sample submission – the option to check uploaded file in available database to determine if it’s malware (in case something appears in an IT infrastructure and the client cannot assess the threat) – the client receives an analysis report

Data feeds – providing data about botnets pulled from all recently tested samples of selected families of damaging code and thus to provide information on managing servers (which direct the damaging code), list of servers where the damaging code is present and list of potential targets. This information is used for existing SIEM solutions, or as a source of black lists directly to inhibit the communication with unwanted objects.

Whether it be a coincidental or direct attack (by malicious code – virus), an investigation is performed to determine the following: Whether or not it was a targeted attack, when and where was the point of entry, what was the inflicted damage on the IT infrastructure, the root cause and what are the further potential areas of reach. The output is a detailed analysis describing the above, recommendations for eliminating further spread or fixing the infected devices and mitigating future risks.