Global Operations & Communications Centre (GOCC) is our 24/7 state-of-the-art Command Control, Communications, Computer & Information centre. Managed by highly-trained multinational and multilingual operators, the GOCC serves as a nerve centre of our clients’ operations.

The GOCC operators provide primary and secondary monitoring, following strict, pre-agreed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on receipt of any panic, geo fence or call notifications.


Many organisations recognise the importance of safe journey management but often fail to perceive the risks accurately. Driver behaviours and lifestyle choices which contribute to fatigue, are the principal factors in motor vehicle accidents.

Safe Journey Management and risk mitigation requires a tailored approach by qualified experts with access to the latest information and technology.

Our integrated solutions incorporate procedural controls, compliance tools, monitoring technology and behaviour-based training, that protects personnel from the risks associated with all journeys.

ICESERVE24™ delivers results through consultancy services, training design and delivery, in-vehicle monitoring systems and a 24/7 global fleet and personal monitoring services.

The holistic approach to travel management includes:


Training of staff on first aid/risk awareness/situational awareness – as requested.

Close protection, roads assessment and selection, reconnaissance for hotels, routes, alternatives, timings and scheduling.

A one-point contact for mission planning, personal details and coordination between you, the ground teams and the GOCC that follows and tracks every movement 24/7.

A double-backed GOCC serves as a response, communication and control centre that supplies information coming from our intelligence division to ongoing missions. Our multilingual and trained operators support your missions 24/7 to respond and assist.


Tracking yourself and your staff in remote locations and/or areas of operations just got easier. ICETRACK enables you to monitor the location of your staff via the ICETRACK mobile app, 24/7 with or without GSM coverage. The GOCC has continuous visual of your locations in order to provide real-time monitoring and response – giving you and your staff peace of mind.

Available upon request

Available upon request

Area mapping for relevant influential actors, civil societies and varying communities to provide an understanding of your operation area gives you an insight into leveraging local communities to promote mutual needs.


ICESERVE24™, through a unique set of solutions for new projects, can support you manage and mitigate all risks associated with the successful implementation of projects in challenging locations or conflict zones.

Our tailor-made products will ensure you have actionable intelligence and scientific tools to help you establish operations in any environment. We assess, implement, evaluate and monitor your project from the moment of conception to its development.