Travel management

Many organizations recognize the importance of safe journey management but not necessarily proportionate to the risk. Driver behaviors such as speeding, not wearing seatbelts, using mobile phones, and lifestyle choices which contribute to fatigue, are the principal factors in motor vehicle accidents.

Safe Journey Management and risk mitigation requires a tailored approach by qualified experts with access to the latest information and technology.

Our integrated solutions incorporate procedural controls, compliance tools, monitoring technology, and behavior based training, that protects personnel from the risks associated with all journeys. ICESERVE24 delivers results through consultancy services, training design and delivery, in vehicle monitoring systems, and a 24/7 global fleet and personal monitoring services.

The holistic approach to travel management includes:

Pre-mission Training

training of staff on first aid / risk awareness / situational awareness – as requested

Mission Planning

close protection, roads assessment and selection, recce for hotels, routes, alternatives, timings and scheduling

Dedicated Mobility Manager

as a one-point contact for mission planning, personal details and coordination between you, the ground teams and operations room that follows and tracks every movement 24/7

Operations Room Coverage

a double-backed Global and Regional Operations Communication Center (GROC), serves as a response, communication and control center that supplies information coming from our intelligence division to ongoing missions. Our multi-lingual and trained operators support your missions 24/7 to respond and assist