Tracking solutions

Global Operations and Communications Center

Global and Regional Operations Communication Center (GROC), is our state-of-the-art Command Control, Communications, Computer & Information platform. Managed by highly trained multi-national operators, speaking a variety of languages and fully operational 24/7, the GROC can be used by clients as a nerve center of their operations.

The GROC operators provide primary and secondary monitoring, following strict, pre-agreed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on receipt of any panic, geo fence or call notifications. Primary Monitoring assumes first line response for any Panic/Emergency Alarm notifications and Secondary Monitoring ensures that the Primary Monitoring site is contacted and that they have registered and taken appropriate action as per the SOP for respective client / device.

GSM & GPS tracking solutions for security professionals

Tracking yourself and your staff in remote locations or areas of operations just got easier. ICETRACK enables you to monitor the location of your staff via the ICETRACK mobile app, 24/7 with or without GSM coverage. The GROC have continuous visual of your locations in order to provide real-time monitoring and response – giving you and your staff peace of mind.


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ICEALERTS provides incident alerts reporting collected from a fusion of on-the-ground, local sources; A seamless alert feed to your mobile phone with critical security emergency notifications. Through our alert platform, clients are able to view the risks within their own geographical location and assess potential threats within their own operating environment. Get powerful insights and facts wherever and whenever they’re needed. Having critical information at your fingertips means faster decision cycles and uninterrupted workflows. No delays.


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