ABI – Activity Based Intelligence

ABI division enhances grassroots understanding of patterns of life and societal pulse to determine and assess atypical activities and transactions, and to understand those patterns to forecast courses of action. To capture the “pulse”, beyond media reporting and statements given by authorities, ICESERVE24™ focuses the depth of analysis on the narrative and sentiments voiced on-the-ground and reflected on groups, pages, and comments made on social media.

Social sentiment is valuable for anticipating potential unrest as well as understanding local social sentiment. ICESERVE24 ABI analysts and data architects:


Real-time social media data from any location, key word, or platform in the world


Social media data through analytics and mapping

Analyze & Archive

Identify and decipher keywords, time-based activity, and user trends.


Proactively advise customers of action or causes that need to be addressed.