About us

Get powerful insights and facts wherever and whenever they’re needed. Having critical information at your fingertips means faster decision cycles and uninterrupted workflows. No delays.

Our Solutions are based on empowering users with global and real-time access to insights with relevant, reliable, timely, and actionable support for more confident strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

“We deliver progressive operational risk and threat assessments, robust due diligence capabilities, tailored travel threat assessments, alerts, and analytic publications specific to your organization’s needs and interests.”

Our integrated and intelligence driven approach enables clients to convert data collected from a robust line of information sources to enable actionable forecasting and empowered decisions.

Our services range from socio-cultural landscaping research and baseline studies to community engagement, integrated technologies and social media.

Our intelligence analysts understand the intricate networks present in multifaceted cultures, communities, and audiences, enabling ICESERVE24™ to develop effective communication and engagement strategies that deliver clients with a strategic foresight and warning (SFW) approach.

We provide insights and empower people or teams across your current operational footprint, to analyze the reaction to a recent or planned business decision, judge the impact global and domestic events have on your people, operations, and interests, or assess the risk of partnering with a new organization.

our multilingual personnel:

Turn Information into Intelligence. By leveraging all sources of information, our analysts enhance situational awareness rooted from grassroots triggers to help combat threats at home and abroad.

Enhance Information. Our analytical toolsets and products map ground pulses, anticipate activities, and forecast societal events to empower and inform decision-makers.

Support Global Security. Our experts deliver cyber analytics, counterintelligence, and other services to help disrupt criminal and militant activities.

Our structure includes interconnected teams focused on: